Monday, June 16, 2008

Max's Battle Wounds

Max had a growth on his neck that we noticed on our Pismo Beach trip. It was small then, but we made a vet appt nonetheless so they could check it out. They said it seemed harmless and to monitor it. It tripled in size over 2 weeks so we scheduled his neutering to be half a month earlier so we could remove that foreign mass at the same time. We are getting a biopsy of it and should receive the results in a week or so.

We brought him home the day after the surgery. He spent the night at the vet so they could monitor him closely. He seemed in such high spirits. The e-collar doesn't really bother him which i was surprised at. He slept most of the day when we brought him home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Max; My name is Peanut. I heard about you on Preston the Puggle's website. Congratulations on your neuter! Let your parents know you need lots of extra treats and toys during your recovery!

Preston said...

Hi Max, Glad that you are recovering from the surgery well. I do not like the E-collar at all. I didn't need to wear it after the neutering, but my mommy put one on me when I hurt my toe.

Good job on learning to ring the poochie bell! I can't wait to see your picture on the poochie star page!

CoCo said...


I'm glad to hear that everything went well with the neutering! I hope the bumb turns out to not be a big deal! You are a trooper! Best wishes!