Monday, May 19, 2008

Max at 4 Months!!!

Max is excited about his brand new bed:

Max waiting for John to come out of the bathroom with squirrel toy in his mouth:

Max can't go down the steep, scary stairs of my condo yet:

Max rides in the back seat...he loves resting on his eco-friendly mat:

Max's potty-ringing bell hangs at the door (and yes, he's using it!):


Puggle said...

Man Max you gotta try it is so fun to go up and down stairs. I do this for exercise every chance I get. I'll be waiting for you to post pictures when you conquer them. Till next time...take care.

Your buddy,

CoCo said...

Max, you look so innocent! I was a stair step amateur until about 7 months old. I could climb up 1 step due to the step at our front door, but multiple was foreign to me until then. Now they are fun!