Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Max's Obedience Tricks

We're so proud of Max. He's learned his "sit", "down" & "rollover" pretty well. We are just starting to teach him to "stay". Under calm conditions, he listens to us pretty well. "Leave it" is a whole other story.... hehe


CoCo said...

Good Boy Max! That are awesome obedience tricks. I can do that too. Work hard on your "leave it trick." It is so worth all the treats for good trick performances.

I got your blog from Preston the Puggle's blog, so I thought I would sniff on over to say hi. Check out my blog...I'm a fellow puggle in Austin, Texas. Its nice to meet you!

CoCo the Puggle

Lori & John said...
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Brice said...

Very Cute we have just started an austin puggles meetup group come check us out every one is welcome! Its alot of fun to see a bunch of puggles play together!